Well in case your Swedish isn’t as strong as you’d like I translated it persoally(read used Google translator)

– Nick

He joined the Coast Marathon in Kristianopel with 26 in the marathon legs. Took around at just under four hours and did not even out of breath after finishing.
“Today was a workout. I can not run at max every week”, Tristan Miller says.
When Google office Miller worked on last year was killed took 33-year-old from Melbourne their life decisions. He sold
everything he owned and had, and gave out on what he himself calls “My life’s adventure”.
When everything is over, when the last nightmares originated in the New Year’s Eve in Melbourne, has Miller traveled approximately 2200 kilometers. 52 marathon, one of week, all year round. He will have run on earth all seven continents including Antarctica.
“I am 33 years and wanted to challenge myself. Am I doing it now becomes it never happened. Today here in  Kristianopel it is the 183 th day of the best years of my life. Imagine travel around the world on this way and meet all sorts of types people. I live my dream. Collecting for UNICEF While Miller go length and breadth of the earth is ticking
donations in to his website.”

The goal is to collect as much money as possible to UNICEF. “I was fortunate enough to be born in one country where my parents could give me a good upbringing and State a good education. All children have not the possibility. So far, the people around the world donated nearly 10 000 Australian dollars, about 55 000 Swedish kronor. All I can come up full to UNICEF.”

Tristan Miller came to Kristianopel directly from a few days visit at Roskilde Festival in Denmark.” We passed the Swedish border five in the morning. This is my first day in Sweden.”

What do you think? “I am surprised that the is so green everywhere, I had not expected. The race was in an incredible landscape and it is difficult to understand that this is dark and cold so much of the year when you get to experience this.”
A few more races in Sweden is not planned but Tristan Miller will return later this summer to Scandinavia.
“I will run in Helsinki and in Denmark. Back to Roskilde After Coast Marathon, he and their friend Andrew Wood in the car to drive back to music festival.”
“You know, you have to catch with a festival too” a smiling Miller said” Soon enough it’s time to pull on the running shoes  again.

On Saturday he runs one of alpmara Switzerland and the security would he cuts to a Sunday.
“The year started in Marathon Zurich on New Year’s Eve and then Miller then worked among the China, Argentina, India, U.S., Israel, Dubai, Japan and Chile.

And so little Kristianopel. “I found the course online. That it was a flat course made no, I needed it …”

Your best löparupplevelse so far?
“Two Oceans Marathon in South Africa. Fanta decisive views, fantastic people. I was sick and should perhaps be thought not run, but the landscape and all people who cheered along the way gave me new forces all the time”