Woah, that took some doing to get it up tonight… It’s 2am here and I’m beat. But I wanted everyone to see one of the best marathons I’ve ever been a part of.

We were given great support from the Rome organisers and I wish that i could repay their generosity in some way. What a huge day and a truly unbelievable result. I couldn’t have gone faster today, but I’m beginning to know how to play this game and get the improvements on the board.

More big times to come. Maybe Paris or London!

Congrats again to Mel, our raffle winner. And thanks to everyone for their amazingly generous donations to date. We’re going to raise $100,000 for UNICEF by the year’s end… I just know it!

We’re doing a push on Facebook Fans, so please click the box on our site or join directly on Facebook. We need to get our numbers up if we’re to be any chance at getting Sponsorship. If you could invite at least 20-30 of your friends to join up, it would be an enormous help.

Thanks so much…well…just for being a part of this journey with us!

Big Love. TB