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Lucky 13 – Rome Marathon Result!

I’ve got the Rome Video uploading as I type this. Wish I could do it faster, but thems the breaks.

Huge run in an extraordinary city. A 6 minute PB too! I loved it all, from the organisers helping us, to passing by the monuments of Italian and Western history.. Just huge. Official time – 3:11.27.

Which makes Melanie Bushby  our raffle winner! Congratulations Mel, look forward to seeing you in May!

Thanks for all the amazing support. I’m 25% of the way there and slowly getting faster. Please consider joining our Facebook Fan Page and inviting your friends. We really, REALLY need the support to help us get some Sponsors to come to the party.

Once again and not for the last time… YOU’RE ALL CHAMPIONS!

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  1. Good thing I can type because I’m speechless, keep pushing the boundaries T-bone

  2. Ciao – I have some photos of you with some runners and the team at the hotel in Rome where we had the press conferences.
    Please let me know where you want to have them sent.
    You have my e mail address – feel free to let me know.

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