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Verona Marathon Video

Yeah, I know, I should have these up every week. It’s just that I have to stay up till 3am after a race to get them done! They’re pretty cool to watch and I hope to have more up soon.

Enjoy race number 9!

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  1. You are the MAN, T-Bone! So great to see you talk your way through and take us on the ride in the Verona Marathon!

  2. Love the videos Trist, keep them coming.

  3. And I thought running around the G at the end of Melbourne mara was pretty cool – the colosseum takes it to a whole new level! Awesome video.

  4. Georg Braceschi-Mayer

    Hello Tristan,

    thanks for posting the lovely video of Verona Marathon. It was very inspiring getting to know you and hear what you are going to do. What a great approach to live your life! The impuls of having met you will certainly have an effect on my mental attitude. I wish you the very best for your marathon year. Stay healthy.

  5. Hi Tristan, watching you run through the Colosseum brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful moment. Great to be able to share it with you. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!! Loving your work! x Rene (ex Eildon Road)

  6. Hey Miller …. what a brilliant video … felt like i was right there with you all the way …. thanks to speedy laurence for being such an inspiration too … great to hear the dazzler’s voice of encouragement on the road … you guys keep up the super-human effort …. !!!

    Just incredible … !

  7. Gav in the Boro

    I wish i’d known about you guys before I’d got back from the Verona marathon. Would have been good to meet up with a couple of inspirational nutters. Keep it up – you’ve become an essential read.

  8. Thankyou for sharing T. Your videos ae inspirational and fun

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