Solid slap in the face Italian style… Verona Marathon Result!

Solid slap in the face Italian style… Verona Marathon Result!

I’m not beaten. I’m not broken. But Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I could do with a few new body parts to keep this up.

Today was another tough one, but it was in the most beautiful setting so far. I rate Verona through the roof as a place to spend some time just wandering about, sipping coffees and checking out historic buildings. But today I ran this way and that, all over town, knocking out their marathon. It was a sensational day and if I was in any kind of shape, this would be the perfect place to lay down a PB.

So because I couldn’t have one, I ran with a lovely French woman named Laurence, helping to pace her to a huge personal best of 3:25, 10 minutes faster than her previous best. Congratulations Laurence!

I cramped up at 37km, so had to let her go and drag myself home for a 3:27.32. I was happy to get it done, but also really enjoyed the journey for this race.

I even got to run right through the middle of their Coloseum to finish up! It was pretty special.

So that number 9 down and I owe you some reports and videos. They’re on their way.

Tokyo next week with the Tribal Boys! All aboooooooooooooard!!

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  1. Abdelilah February 25, 2010 at 7:38 am

    Good time T-bone, i wonder that you can’t have one!
    you can communicate very easy with every one and make more than one on trust.
    don’t worry, Some days are like this!
    i feel that that you are impatient to be in Tokyo!can we know more? lol

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