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The Dazzler 52 Challenge – sit in a university lecture

Verona University, Italy. Had no idea what was going on and probably picked the funniest lecture ever!!. After waiting for 50min for class to start, praying no-one would speak to me. I had to borrow a pen, sit through a roll call and then take a geography exam. Name at top, Marco Fossil. 3 questions. First and second questions I answered in English saying I cant believe I’m here, why I’m here, etc.

Third question I tried to answer about an expression ‘concreta naturale’ (hilarious) and I look foward to coming back in a year to finish this paper. Then at bottom of page – you have just been Dazzled.

P.S. – I’m really sorry for being here.

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  1. You are killing me man! Love it.

  2. OMG…I could only laugh out loud! You “dazzled’ us all right!

  3. Hahaaaa. This challenges are hilarious!!! Btw, no. 16. No-one will ever tell you in Tokyo….

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