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Night out in Verona

We really don’t go out much these days, but one thing led to another and we found ourselves in a few different venues around Verona. Not a big night, but pretty fun.

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  1. perfect preparation boys

  2. A bit of Dee-lite and burn baby burn action at Cafe Blanco – Gold! Trist I’m surprised you weren’t doing your cowboy lasso move that you were notorious for in the good old stylus days.

  3. Mate you boys are on fire.

    The Peel brothers and I are following every step T Bag, and watching you and the Dazz destroy that dance floor was awsome.

    Good luck when Nic, Chip and the Yabb get over there for more of that action


  4. 4. “Что считается допустимым: использовать оральные ласки как предварительные или доводить их до конца, заменяя ими обычное половое сношение? Ольга. Новосибирск”.

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