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Snow Angel challenge by the Dazzler

Hey all. Another challenge here in the snowy conditions in Zwingenberg, Germany. My good friend from NZ, Dave Henderson and his lovely girlfriend Nina Müller and sister Asa have accommodated us for the past week. It’s been so awesome to stay with friends, home cooked meals, hanging out with a mate from way back and to see the girls again after Dave and I met them in Ibiza back in 07 – good times.

This was taken at Nina & Asa’s mum’s place. Such a cool Mum and her house filled with collectables it was very 70’s and that’s what I love.

So here it is No 37 on the The Dazzler 52 challenge. I’ve dedicated this challenge to a very wonderful person Kirsten Cameron who is the girlfriend of Nick McCormack our Press Manager. We are both thinking of you and I hope this brings some happiness for you during this tough time. I know what you are going through and we are here for you. So thank you for making our website possible (Areeba) and for all your amazing support.

So another challenge complete – making a snow angel!

The Dazzler

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  1. Massage those units! Niiiice!

  2. You guys are hilarious! Thankyou.
    Patsy is worried that the dog needs something to eat other than snow-balls; she unwittingly suggested a T-Bone. And Daz, she thought a bandaid might help – or not?

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