That was crazy on so many levels. Daz’s birthday, snow EVERYWHERE and marathon 7…

I ran with Daz for the first 12 km. I thought he was fading at 8km, but he came on strong and stuck with me for another 4. Then we parted and I decided to pick up the pace for a while…

Then I thought I should do some training and run to the 30km mark at around 4:30 per km. If I always run slow, I will get slow, so I want to do a few fast kilometers while I run my marathons.

Then I got carried away and decided there was an outside chance I’d break my personal best again.

And I did… 3:17.30. Second PB in as many weeks, if only by 40 seconds. All heart though.. I really had to dig deep for it. I even had to negative split by 7 mins in the back half… Check out the splits – Garmin

Dazz also posted a PB – 1:58.58. It was his first half marathon and his BIRTHDAY! Daz is 28 today and another step closer to being a marathon machine. Please write comments and send him love.

More to come… We’re gonna get drunk for Daz’s birthday tonight and write more tomorrow. Heading to Egypt tomorrow night for more adventure!

Champions….Champions, all of you!