Hi everyone!! It’s been a hectic time since leaving Dubai over a week ago. Canary Islands was de puta madre and the time went way too fast. Thanks to Rebeca for hosting us, you were fantastic in every way. All her friends, Omar, Fiorentina, Juan and Tatiana muchos gracias para todo, you helped us tremendously, we won’t forget your amazing hospitality. Was so good to drink Spanish cerveza, visit just 1 or 2 bars  and to speak the beautiful language again after living in Barcelona in 07 for more than a year.

Here in Marrakech it’s been interesting – Monkeys on chains, snakes grooving to trumpets, people trying to sell you stuff, donkeys galore and many fruit and food stalls. Loved the place and the people, especially my orange juice guy whom I visited regulary for 3 dirham OJ… Nice!!

Had a rough couple of days after getting ill (both ends) on the Saturday after a dodgy drink in a club. After thinking about life for a couple of days I managed to pull through and we went on a day excursion to some cool waterfalls. Had a crazy taxi ride back – ie. hitting a big dog and dragging it for 20m, me holding my ears, while Tristan listened to music not knowing a thing. Would go back to Marrakech for sure and on my last day I managed to do another challenge.

So here it is folks – High five an animal with an opposable thumb!

Disco Dazzler