Just a quick one before I go & sleep for a few hours.

I banged that one out in style. There’s a few stories to tell in a longer blog, but the short of it is that I did my fastest time this month (can’t believe that’s 4 in 3 weeks) with a 3:35.15.

I had a pretty slow start, with a few maintenance issues in the early stages, so I rounded the halfway at about 1:56. I’ve been aiming to get to the half at 1:50, then I’d be on target for 3:40, so when I saw this time I knew I’d have to get a move on to get to the end by the 3:40 mark that I’d stated I was looking for in the Press Conference.

I headed back in a very strong time (though potentially risky for the trip) knocking it out in 1:39. Came through the chute to the finish line absolutely flying. Did somebody say SHAZAM?!?! haha..

Anyway, I need to sleep, because we have to fly to London at 1am tonight to get to the Canary Islands by tomorrow arvo.. Gran Canaria Marathon in Las Palmas on Sunday. God only knows how that’s gonna turn out….

More importantly, Haile Gebrsellasie won the marathon in 2:06:09, which is an amazing effort, but not enough to break his own world record.. Congrats Haile, you’re still a running deity..

Cheers, T