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Manhandled in Mumbai

Haha, I think I just liked the idea of using the word “manhandled”.. But in truth, the Mumbai Marathon has left me a little banged up. It got done.. It wasn’t pretty, but it got finished and I’m happy to say, in under 4 hours.

I had 3:58 on my watch. I’m still looking for the official results, but I’m confident that I got it done with plenty of seconds left. It was long, hot and arduous. I’m hoping that was the hottest marathon I’ll have to do, because at 32 degrees, it weren’t no picnic.

I’ve got a much bigger race report coming (should be up tomorrow), but for the enthusiastic, I thought I’d at least let you know that number 3 is out the way and I’m ok. Well…ok is a slight overstatement, but you get it. It’s 2am and I can’t finish the report just yet, because I’m so tired I kinda feel sick, so tomorrow…tomorrow.

Thanks for all the well wishes. Got a huge week ahead, with Dubai on Friday and Canary Islands on Sunday, so stay tuned for tales of pain and exhaustion, haha!

In the meantime, an article about the race may give you some indication as to why I’m happy with a sub 4 hour marathon..

DNA India article – Over 3,000 Mumbai Marathon participants needed medical attention.

You’re all champions!


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  1. Well Done Tristan. Good running. Maybe ask Daz for a leg massage??

  2. snap, sounded nasty big fella
    well done awesome work and i’ll chat to you soon.

  3. hmmmm , mid 20’s in Dubai may be more appetising than 32… glad to hear you were not one of the 3000 needing “medical” assistance .. well done.

  4. Tristan, doing really well go mate what a challenge loving your stories, Lizzy Peel( Peely’s mum)

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