So the year has begun, and what an amazing few days we have had. I decided to run the 10km run on NYE and after running to the starting point, it was on…. I probably wont drink beer and wine before a race ever again but I completed it in under an hour. My knee and foot were in some pain as I crossed the line and the first thing I thought was, “How the hell am I going to run a marathon, it’s massive?!”  A great race after all and I recommend it to anyone, just not the alcohol, ha!

After receiving a prize for the fastest Kiwi of the year, my spirits were up and I celebrated the rest of NYE until the early hours of Friday morning, 9am to be precise.

Unfortunately our flight to Berlin was badly delayed, so we missed our connection to Israel. We’re stuck till Tuesday! We’ve been hanging out in Berlin, having a fantastic time. Amongst the -6 degree temperatures and half a metre of snow everywhere we went on a pub crawl for Tristan’s birthday on Saturday and had a really memorable night!!!

Berlin is awesome, Israel tomorrow for race 2 on Thursday……bring it on!!!!