Well here it is, my first blog! So first things in order – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I hope everyone had a great one, or if you still going, I worship you…. Tonight is the night, in about 6hrs T-man will be running like the clappers to bring our crazy adventure in with style!!! Here it is, we are here and we will succeed… Tris is having a siesta in order for tonight and I on the other hand am having a delicious vino or 5 in preperation for my huge 10km tonight…haha. Along with the other beers I’ve had today on the sly I think I’m ready to run…. I wish everyone a truely AWESOME 2010 and look foward to catching up with people along our adventure.

I will attach my 52 challenges up as a seperate page in the next days and a huge thanks to Nathan Jones for putting in his time and efforts to come up with my challenges – how good is that paper bro…ha. And YES I have completed my first challenge which will be added to the youtube video.

Once again thanks to everyone for your support, ESPECIALLY the donations coming in. It’s really wonderful to see how much people are supporting us and I promise you as Coach, ha we will give it everything!!!!

Zurich is a beautiful city and it’s not too cold, only 1 degree….. Israel on saturday – WOW!!!

Keep it real peoples and peace and love to you all

Happy New Year