It’s about 7am on the 31st of December, in Zurich, Switzerland and tonight is the beginning of the biggest year of my life. This whole fiasco began months ago really, but up till now it was all talk.

I haven’t been so great at doing the blog posts. Wrapping up your life, saying goodbye to loved ones, drumming up PR support, sponsor meetings, organising flights/accom/race registrations and training for 52 marathons in 1 calendar year has taken a little more time & effort than I anticipated. And my brain hurts, because you don’t have a text book to follow for a challenge like this.. But I pulled it off and here I am, on the road and writing posts.

So now you get to hear the story as it unfolds. I’ve tried to answer why we’re here.. Essentially it’s because I was made redundant from my job and I decided that I don’t need other people telling me whether I should have a job or not. Working for other people serves a purpose, until you’re ready to step up and take charge of your own life and do something different.

Today I take charge. I’m becoming a professional runner and movie maker for 1 year of my life. If something good comes of it, then great. If nothing comes of it, well then you can’t blame a kid for trying. At the very least we’ll have raised at least $100,000 for UNICEF.

I wanna thank everyone for their support. People have been donating money and not getting enough thanks from me on the site. You’re all amazing people for helping us out. I hope I make a big impact on this challenge and in turn inspire you to look at the things that are important in your life and do 1 thing that you deem worthy of remembering each year. We all have adventures like this right in front of us, it’s just time to take a step forward and starting to do them. They don’t need to be quite so grandiose, but we all have to stop waiting for life to hand us the opportunity to succeed and start taking those opportunities as the float right by us.

Someone who knows all about this is Alexis. My beautiful sister is here from London to support me. I haven’t seen her for 2 years, but here she is, hangin with the Daz, giving me as much encouragement as I can handle. I’m glad you’re here Lex.

The Dazzler got in at 3am this morning. Took some girls from the hostel out to see the nightlife. Not sure he saw that much as he seemed pretty together this morning. You’re a champ Daz, don’t go changing.

I’ll give this everything I’ve got. I promise that by the end of it I’ll be a new me. Fitter, faster, funnier and more free.

First things first though, it’s business time. Race number 1 is 16 hours away and I’m ready to bash it out. Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve people and may 2010 bring you all that you need and more of what you want.

Tristan – Doin it for the kids..