Ok, this has already been on Facebook for a week, so most people know about it already.

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Come on down and wish us Happy Birthday, Good Luck and Bon Voyage on our big adventure!

This is the official fundraiser, but it’s also a chance to celebrate our upcoming birthdays and wish us all the best for the big trip. We’re not having another going away party, so get on down for a hug and a laugh.

There’ll be games, beers and face in the cake.

There’ll be opportunities to sponsor a race and even win a race face – we wear your face for an entire race! It’s like you ran a marathon without even running a damn marathon!!!

There’ll also be other cool shit we haven’t even thought of yet! HELL YEAH!!!

Be a part of this massive effort by just showing up.

Big ups to everyone, even if you can’t make it!

Begins at midday at Holliava at 36 Swan Street, Richmond, VIC, Sunday 6th of December.

Where the hell is that?? ¬†Looky here, under “Find Us” ¬†– http://holliava.com.au/home.htm