I’ve had no end of support from everyone that has heard about our adventure. I principally run with a group of quality guys & gals from Tribal – an extraordinary triathlon club in Melbourne, with a fantastic, friendly culture. If you ever feel like getting really fit and doing it with awesome people, these are your guys. Andy Sleeman and Michael “Hammer” Clayton are not only brilliant coaches, but they’re good people who attract great athletes and awesome members.

You can find them at – http://www.tri-bal.com.au/

For the Tribal awards night a few months back, one very talented and ridiculously tall athlete, Pete Lockyer, put together quite an amazing highlights slide-show that captured some of the awesome moments for the club members as they competed and partied all over Australia and the world. It gets better and better as you watch through the whole thing. With his consent, I’ve re-posted this video – split in 2 – on the site to hopefully inspire you to call Andy and come down for a few trial sessions to try out the club. Even better, if you come down and give it a go, you’ll see me there too! Well, for the next two months anyway.

So, get comfy, grab some popcorn and a Gatorade and get ready to be inspired by some great athletes and even better friends:

How good?! And two other things that Pete did recently. He smashed out the Melbourne Marathon in 2hrs 54mins… And he donated $50 to my world marathon adventure!

You’re a God Pete! Apart from being half your height, I hope some day I’m half the man..