Thanks so much to David and the guys at Gasman Bikes! They donated $200!!! That’s huge and was the day after my TV appearance.. Check out the Gasman Bikes website and see all the cool bikes and motorised gear they sell! I’m a huge motorbike fan and next time I’m in Penrith, I’ll drop in and see the team to thank them in person.

Belinda Denning from Scarborough in WA also contributed $20 and I want to thank her for making us feel that this is a truly national fundraising effort. I’m honoured that  you’ve taken the time to look at the site and contribute to our mission!

And another Melbourne girl, Melanie Bushby from Abbotsford, has contributed $50 to our running efforts. Melanie, I hope you’ll come down to Holliava in Richmond on Sunday the 6th of December for our Big Fundraiser! Then I can thank you in person for your support.