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First TV Interview!

Thursday Night Live on One HD. I think it went pretty well!

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  1. Hey Tristan, Im a kiwi mate of the Dazzler’s. Great Interview and a great challenge ahead!
    I live in Zwingenberg, Germany and you guys are welcome to stay with us when in Germany for the Bad Fussing Marathon.
    Keep on Running Like Crazy

    Dave Henderson

  2. Hey bro!! Cheers mate, It’s starting to heat up now!! Be good to see you there in Germany with Nina & Asa .. You better be ready to run my friend coz I’m going to smoke you…..chur. Keep it real. PL1

  3. Thanks Dave! Looking forward to hanging out with you so early on. You’ve picked a tough marathon to start, but from what Daz says, you’ve got just what it takes to smash it!

    Cheers, Tris

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