We’re still copping donations left right and centre.. Especially from many of my TriBal champion friends. I want to quickly thank a couple of them here.

Martin Devereux is a long time TriBal powerhouse. I don’t know him too well, but I hear he knows how to put together a killer pub crawl! Marty works for Mainfreight too, one of Australia/New Zealand’s biggest and best shipping and freight groups. I actually did some work with these guys a long time ago and they were awesome to deal with. Thanks heaps for the support Marty, $50 gets you 5 entries in our big draw!

And I was supporting at the Melbourne Marathon alongside Sophie Ibbott on the weekend. Last week she donated a big $50 too… Sophie is one of a certain group of triathlon heroines at TriBal who not only train like complete machines, but seem to be able to party like rockstars at the same time! It’s an amazing balance that I believe only those who have a huge appreciation for life can achieve. Thanks Sophie, it meant a lot to me to hear you’re pumped about what we’re doing.