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Hey Chip, what’s that?

Chip – “Is that the Southern Cross Bone?”

Bone – “No Chippa, that’s an enormous donation from one of my marathon heroes!”

Chip – “Well Bone, I couldn’t help it, what you’re attempting ┬áis the epitome of Treaty Yeah! It’s completely Yothu Yindi inspired! If you pull it off, you’ll be able to yell Wooshka till the cows come home!”

Bone – “I love you Chip!”

Chip – “I know Bone…”

That’s right everyone, Andrew “Chip” Wood, 17 time international marathon runner and 3 time Comrades smasher, just donated $50. And he’s coming to Tokyo to get on board the Shinkansen in 2010! What a champion…

Chip & Bone at Vic Falls

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  1. Go T-bone and Dazzler .. in support from London! Running in Tokyo with one of the world greats … reading this blog, it’s astonishing how you have inspired so many other marathon stars too. High-five and fly like the wind!

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