Ha! It’s not what you think – we’re still going.

No, I just read a really interesting article from Runners World, which describes the “20 Races to do before you die“. This was sent to me by fellow Tribal member and Ironman wrecking ball, Chris Aylen – cheers Chris!

While reading it, I realised that we were doing 9 of the 20 events… In fact, most of the others were discounted because they were too short or too hard to get to within the short time frame we’ve got to complete a marathon (Antarctic, North Pole and Everest).  We wanted to do the Inca Trail, but that is a 7 day package also… I’d already ticked a couple of boxes, by doing Sydney’s City 2 Surf a number of times, plus Comrades this year and I’m even signed up to do the Marathon Des Sables in March, 2011. But it would be really nice to round that 9 up to a 10, wouldn’t it?!

So…. I found a marathon that I’d heard about from my old pal Tristan Andrews (yes another one), but hadn’t thought we could fit it in because it clashes with the Moscow Marathon. Turns out it doesn’t clash…well….sorta.  The Medoc Marathon is through the beautiful wine country of Bordeaux, France. You can run from winery to winery and choose between red wine or Gatorade.. Which one would I choose?? And they run it on Saturday 11th of September, while Moscow is on the 12th.

Sounds a little nuts, but there are a couple of pros and cons:

Pro – it replaces the Torshavn Marathon, an island off Norway, which was difficult to get to from Canada and has no particular significance for us.

Con – I’d have to do 2 marathons in 2 days and travel 2900 kms between races

Pro – I get a weekend off between Quebec on the 29th of August and Medoc on the 11th of September

Con – we don’t get to see as much of Moscow as I’d like

Pro – we could stop in to see mates in New York, then go to Spain and kick over to Ibiza so Daz can dance up a storm!

Con – I’m running 2 marathons only 1 week before Berlin..

Pro – We’d knock off 2 fantastic marathons in 1 weekend

Con – It’s completely nuts…

Pro – It’s completely nuts!!!